Application status of security gate market and attention of subway security inspection

Application standards of security doors in different industries
Nowadays, there are many kinds of security doors, and the characteristics of each type are different. Take civil aviation airports for example, at present, civil aviation units in various countries have formulated new security standards for security gates. The new standards all require the detection of micro-shaped weapons, including magnetic, non-magnetic and mixed alloy materials. Then, in the gate type channel, 100% of the coverage space can not allow detection dead angle. In fact, weapons and personal metal items are often confused with carrying on the human body, so it is not allowed to make false alarms, which is a big challenge.
The role of security gates, of course, is not only safety inspection, but also metal anti-theft, and metal anti-theft, mainly for non-ferrous metals, such as gold, silver, copper and so on, while the traditional security gates are generally more sensitive to ferrous metals, so this is a comparison for factory anti-theft. Trouble, but now, there are professional non-ferrous metal detection security gates on the market. They can choose different detection modes according to customers’needs. These security gates have three detection modes: ferrous metal detection mode, non-ferrous metal detection mode and all-metal detection mode. If customers set up special detection modes. When detecting non-ferrous precious metals, the security gate will not alarm even if the largest ferrous metal passes through. If the detection mode of ferrous metal is set, then if the non-ferrous metal passes through, it will not alarm. With this function, the function of the security gate can be better played.


The development of security inspection equipment is intelligent.
At present, the investment in security inspection in Metro and other application occasions includes not only the purchase of corresponding security inspection equipment, but also the need to increase the corresponding security personnel. With the increase of detection means and complexity, the requirement for professional quality of security personnel is raised, and the cost of security inspection is rising. Therefore, developing more intelligent inspection means and improving the work efficiency of security personnel is also an important direction for the development of security inspection equipment.
Leasing will become increasingly common. With the increasingly widespread application of security inspection equipment, the demand for temporary increase of security inspection equipment in some cultural sites and some sports venues is also increasing. Leasing can reduce equipment investment and maintenance costs, which is a better choice for owners with weak financial strength. At the same time, the service income of equipment enterprises will gradually increase in the future, and the role of service will become increasingly prominent, and even will become a key factor to determine the competitiveness of manufacturers.
Security inspection system should be integrated with other security systems, including monitoring system, alarm system and emergency linkage system. Ensure the effectiveness of the security inspection system from various angles. Security inspection system mainly plays a preventive role in advance. Once an emergency occurs, it must rely on other means to reduce the adverse consequences of the incident. This requires the effective integration of the security inspection system with other security systems, so as to establish a security mechanism that can effectively cooperate with the “ex ante” and “ex post”.

Post time: Nov-15-2018
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